Publications Released for the 2020 Conference

Reports, papers, and briefs published for the conference are listed below. Most of these publications are available for download as PDFs (Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or higher necessary for viewing).

 Sustainable Food Security for All by 2020. Proceedings of an International Conference • September 4–6, 2001 • Bonn, Germany. 2002. (FORMAT: PDF)

 An action plan resulting from the 2020 Bonn conference on achieving global food security. Reflects IFPRI's best judgment and the advice of more than 900 public, civil society, and private leaders on the actions needed to end hunger by 2020. (FORMAT: PDF)

 Who Will Be Fed in the 21st Century: Challenges for Science and Policy. 2020 Book, edited by Keith Wiebe, Nicole Ballenger and Per Pinstrup-Andersen. 2001. (FORMAT: PDF)

 Shaping Globalization for Poverty Alleviation and Food Security. 2020 Focus 8, edited by Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla and Sherman Robinson. Thirteen Briefs. 2001. (FORMAT: PDF)

 Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Food Security. 2020 Focus 7, edited by Per Pinstrup-Andersen. Nine Briefs. 2001. (FORMAT: PDF)

 Agricultural Research and Poverty Reduction. 2020 Brief 70, by Peter Hazell and Lawrence Haddad. 2001. 2 pages. (FORMAT: PDF)

A Better World in 2020: Wake-up Calls from the Next Generation. 2020 Booklet. A collection of posters, essays and quotes generated by IFPRI youth. 2001. (FORMAT: PDF)

Global Food Projections to 2020: Emerging Trends and Alternatives. 2020 Book. Mark W. Rosegrant, Michael S. Paisner, Siet Meijer and Julie Witcover. 2001. (FORMAT: PDF)

2020 Global Food Outlook: Trends, Alternatives, and Choices. Food Policy Report. Mark W. Rosegrant, Michael S. Paisner, Siet Meijer and Julie Witcover. 2001. (FORMAT: PDF)

 Empowering Women to Achieve Food Security. 2020 Focus 6, edited by Agnes R. Quisumbing and Ruth S. Meinzen-Dick. Twelve Briefs. 2001. (FORMAT: PDF)

 The Unfinished Agenda: Perspectives on Overcoming Hunger, Poverty, and Environmental Degradation. 2020 Book, edited by Per Pinstrup-Andersen and Rajul Pandya-Lorch. 2001. 302 pages. (FORMAT: PDF)

 Feeding the Whole World Safely. 2020 News and Views. 2001. 8 pages. (FORMAT: PDF)

Agricultural Research and Poverty Reduction. 2020 Discussion Paper 34, by Peter Hazell and Lawrence Haddad. 2001. 48 pages. (FORMAT: PDF / 218K)

Health and Nutrition: Emerging and Reemerging Issues in Developing Countries. 2020 Focus 5, edited by Rafael Flores and Stuart Gillespie. Eleven Briefs. 2001. (FORMAT: PDF)

Background Information

Here is a selection of previously published IFPRI materials on topics to be discussed at the conference.

 About A 2020 Vision for Food, Agriculture, and the Environment. (FORMAT: PDF)

 World Food Prospects: Critical Issues for the Early Twenty-First Century. Food Policy Report, by Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Rajul Pandya-Lorch, and Mark W. Rosegrant. 1999. 30 pages. (FORMAT: PDF / 718K)

 A Visual Guide to the Future World Food Situation. (FORMAT: PDF)

Overcoming Child Malnutrition in Developing Countries: Past Achievements and Future Choices. 2020 Discussion Paper 30, by Lisa C. Smith, and Lawrence Haddad. 2000. 55 pages. (FORMAT: PDF / 1.3MB)

Livestock to 2020: The Next Food Revolution. 2020 Discussion Paper 28, by Christopher Delgado, Mark Rosegrant, Henning Steinfeld, Simeon Ehui, and Claude Courbois. 1999. 72 pages. (FORMAT: PDF / 688K)

Promoting Sustainable Development in Less-Favored Areas. 2020 Focus 4, edited by John Pender and Peter Hazell. Nine Briefs. 2000. (FORMAT: PDF)

Achieving Urban Food and Nutrition Security in the Developing World. 2020 Focus 3, edited by J. L. Garrett and M. T. Ruel. Ten Briefs. 2000. (FORMAT: PDF)

Integrated Nutrient Management, Soil Fertility, and Sustainable Agriculture: Current Issues and Future Challenges. 2020 Brief 67, by Peter Gruhn, Francesco Goletti, and Montague Yudelman. 2000. 2 pages. (FORMAT: PDF)

Agricultural Growth, Poverty Alleviation, and Environmental Sustainability: Having It All. 2020 Brief 59, by Peter Hazell. 1999. 2 pages. (FORMAT: PDF)

 News and Views (newsletters). A listing of available 2020 Newsletters. (FORMAT: PDF)

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